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Welcome to the OMS Kuzuhara Library

 Research Center & Archive

Collection & Archive

Dedicated to documenting the OMS Holiness Church of North America 

The OMS Kuzuhara Library's unique collection preserves historical materials about the OMS Holiness Church of North America. Its archive includes the personal papers of the founding pastors of OMS Holiness Churches in the United States and other artifacts from the early Japanese Holiness movement in America. It contains records in Japanese and English. The library also has an extensive photography collection visually documenting the churches' activities among the Japanese American communities from the turn of the 20th Century to the 2000s. 

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About the OMS Kuzuhara Library

The OMS Kuzuhara Library is a research center and archive dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the OMS Holiness Church of North America. It is named after Rev. Sadaichi Kuzuhara, the first pastor of the Los Angeles Holiness Church in California and the first bishop of the OMS Church of North America, separate from the Japanese Holiness Church in Japan.. Learn more about the library, its collection, Rev. Kuzuhara, and the OMS Holiness Church in North America. 

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